The Mind-Dimension Connection: An Exercise in Postulating the Impossible

Let us assume that we exist within a multidimensional hyperspace. Furthermore, the dimensions beyond the three that we are familiar with hypothetically contain alternate realities. Then let us assume our neurons had a quality that enabled them to interface with those extra-dimensional realities. We could then further postulate that dreams and other subconscious experiences are glimpses of that extra-dimensional space. We would, however, be completely oblivious to this.

It is not a wild stretch of the imagination to assume that we as human beings simply have not discovered a quality of our minds similar to what I have just described. If a neuron could somehow “tap into” extra dimensions containing alternate realities, which we would perceive as emergent dreams, how could we ever empirically confirm this? I strongly believe that we can epistemically confirm it, however. For those not acquainted with the “shoptalk” of philosophy, I mean to say that while we may not be able to set it up in a laboratory and observe this quality, we can–through logic and reasoning–still get to know this. Simply because we cannot see or experience something does not mean that it does not exist. It is entirely plausible that human beings currently do not know or possess anything that could help us confirm this.

Sometimes, my dreams seem so radical yet so plausible that it is as if I’m experiencing an alternate reality: crazy enough to be out of our current reality, yet containing elements that tie in to our current reality enough to make it “a reality” (as opposed to “the reality”). Why would any of this be ruled outright as impossible? In all likelihood, it’s probably not “the reality,” but it cannot be ruled out entirely. The point is: it’s not theoretically, philosophically, impossible. As long as such a thing is possible, it must be considered.

This is supplemented by the following logic:

1) There is the unfathomable.

2) The unfathomable does not exist.

3) Human beings can fathom the unfathomable.

3a) According to human beings’ understanding of the physical universe, it consists of matter held together by fields of force, with rules in seeming contradiction to one another, currently unconsolidated into one model.

3b) Human beings can fathom things that violate the laws of the physical universe (that they understand).

3c) If something violates the laws of the physical universe (that human beings understand), it cannot exist.

3d) If something cannot exist, it is unfathomable.

Therefore, human beings can fathom the unfathomable.

4) If something can be fathomed, it exists in some form.

5) If something exists in some form, it exists.

Therefore, the unfathomable exists and what we can only think of could possibly be real.

Stated concisely: If we can fathom the unfathomable, doesn’t that mean that the unfathomable exists?

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3 thoughts on “The Mind-Dimension Connection: An Exercise in Postulating the Impossible

  1. Have you watched “What the Bleep Do We Know?” It is an excellent film that describes how quantum physics opens up a world a possibilities…

    Science will prove that our current view of the universe is as skewed as when people thought the earth was flat


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