Liking Music as a Child

Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) talking about their 2001 album Discovery (emphasis mine):

“This album has a lot to do with our childhood and the memories of the state we were in at that stage of our lives. It’s about our personal relationship to that time. It’s less of a tribute to the music from 1975 to 1985 as an era, and more about focusing on the time when we were zero to ten years old. When you’re a child you don’t judge or analyze music. You just like it because you like it. You’re not concerned with whether it’s cool or not. Sometimes you might relate to just one thing in a song, such as the guitar sound. This album takes a playful, fun, and colorful look at music. It’s about the idea of looking at something with an open mind and not asking too many questions. It’s about the true, simple, and honest relationship you have with music when you’re open to your own feelings.” *

This resonates deeply with me.

*Quote is from an interview entitled “ROBOPOP” with Daft Punk for REMIX Magazine on May 1, 2001. Here’s the link to the archived piece.