Why lyrics are the consumer web’s next big shadow opportunity

Really enjoyed doing this story: http://venturebeat.com/2011/09/22/lyrics-2-0/

The next big thing for the consumer web could actually come from one of its oldest content verticals: lyrics. Services like RapGenius and TuneWiki are spearheading a new way of publishing and making money from song lyrics.

As RapGenius co-founder Tom Lehman likes to say, existing lyrics sites are “so bad it’s a meme!” Disruption is coming folks so stick around!

Interesting points I came across while writing this:
  • 2% of all Google search queries are for lyrics
  • 7% of all Bing search queries are for lyrics
  • After ‘Facebook,’ the term ‘lyrics’ is the most common search term on Google in the US
  • The current market leader, MetroLyrics, has over 31 million monthly unique visitors, and their product sucks compared to the new startups!
  • RapGenius, a big disruptor has already accrued 30k users and 5 million monthly unique visitors in the short time it’s been around.
  • Roughly 60% of TuneWiki’s user-base are international, using the service’s database of 4 million lyrics to teach themselves English!
  • The online lyrics market can be viewed as part of three broader markets: online ads, games and digital music: tens of billions in global opportunity.

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