The Social Media Diet

Francis Dierick, in an awesome blog post which I totally agree with, writes:
People are creating ‘content’ like never before. Everyone I talk to seems to be drowning in a sea of Tweets, Facebook updates & other user-generated content. Yet I feel something is missing. Something simple. Something elusive. A thing called quality.
He concluded his post by outling a “gentleman’s agreement” for social media sharing:
  • Think twice before you share
  • Only share your best stuff
  • Strictly one share per day

Then, inspired by Clay Johnson’s The Information Diet, I adapted Francis’s points into what I’d like to call “The Social Media Diet.”

Here’s the motto from The Information Diet (which is aimed at curbing unnecessary, even unhealthy, consumption):

And here’s my adaptation for social media (which is aimed at curbing unnecessary production of all the info we consume):

When it comes to separating signal from noise, curbing production is as important as curbing consumption. Several startups have proposed solutions to filter all the low quality links and information being passed around these days. But what if the solution were as simple as developing healthier habits? Is this a technology problem or a psycho-social problem? Think about it.